Creating a Skate Park: How Commercial Asphalt Services Can Help

Paving contractors provide concrete, cement, and asphalt services. This is useful to know when your city has decided to create a skate park for skateboarders. As you begin the planning stages for the skate park, here is how a paving contractor can help. Starting with a Slab Foundation If you have ever looked at other skate parks, they are built on a slab foundation. The contractor you hire begins this project by excavating the surface areas of dirt from the designated skate park. [Read More]

Problems With Your Asphalt Driveway? How To Know If You Should Repair, Resurface, Or Repave

If you are having problems with your asphalt driveway, you may be able to repair the problem yourself. If not, you will have to decide if you can have the driveway resurfaced or if it would be better to rip it out and install a new driveway. Below is some more information about this so you will know what would be best for you. Repair Cracks If you have a few cracks on the driveway, you can take care of this problem on your own. [Read More]

Asphalt Compaction Factors To Be Aware Of

No other aspect of asphalt installation determines the ultimate performance of the pavement quite like compaction. An insufficiently or unevenly compacted surface will tend to develop problems at a much quicker rate. Whether you work in the paving industry, or are simply a homeowner hoping to learn more, if you would like to know more about asphalt compaction, read on. This article will discuss two critical factors that influence the compaction of asphalt. [Read More]

A Guide To Getting The Most Of Your Parking Lot

In order to keep your business looking clean and in great shape, you need to take great care of the parking lot that leads to your building. By caring for the parking lot, you give your customers an excellent entry into your property and also make an outstanding first impression. To this end, make sure that you read below and use these three practical tips to make sure that you get asphalt paving work from contractors that are able to give you excellent help. [Read More]