3 Ways To Know You Need To Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot

Few people realize that a lot of challenges come with designing and managing an efficient commercial parking lot. A parking lot provides a safe and orderly way for customers and employees to park their vehicles. It also prevents them from hitting and creating dents on other people's vehicles. However, if you have noticed an increasing number of such cases in your parking lot, check if the parking lines or stripes need to be repainted.

Asphalt Pavement Recommendations For A Quality Surface That Looks Great For A Long Time

A new paved asphalt surface on your property is a great addition you can make to add utility and improve the overall appearance of your property. But it's important to select the right type of asphalt surface and keep up on its maintenance. Here are some recommendations to help you keep a strong and long-lasting asphalt paved surface. Order the Right Type of Pavement Surface When you install a new asphalt surface on your property, it is important that you apply a stable surface that is sufficient for the type of use it will receive.

Knowing When Asphalt Is Your Best Choice For A Driveway

If you are looking for the best option for your driveway, there are some things that can point to a certain driveway material being the best fit for your needs. Sometimes, concrete may be best. Other times, it may be best to go with gravel. However, here are some things that tell you asphalt may be right and here are a few examples of some of these things: You want to do as little cleaning as possible

Protect Your Apartment Building's Parking Lot by Having Asphalt Sealcoating Done Regularly

When you own an apartment building, you want the grounds and parking lot to be in good repair. This helps your tenants have pride in their living area, which can entice them to take better care of your property. In addition to making your property more attractive, maintaining your parking lot by sealcoating it prolongs the life of the asphalt. Here are some things to know about having a sealcoat applied to your parking lot.

Three Things You Might Not Know About Maintaining Your Asphalt Driveway

If you live in an area with cold winters, then it's likely that you have an asphalt driveway. While concrete is prevalent throughout the country, its lesser performance when exposed to low temperatures leads many homeowners in colder regions to choose asphalt as an alternative. Asphalt is a long-lasting, durable, and attractive material when properly maintained, but many homeowners are not aware of the essential maintenance steps required to keep it functionally and aesthetically new for as long as possible.

Tips To Add Pavement To Boost Your Front Yard Appearance And Landscaping

Your home's appearance has a big effect on your home's value, especially when your front yard is either well taken care of or severely neglected. Keeping up appearance of all areas of your yard can be done with regular maintenance to the vegetation and installing of and taking care of hardscaped areas. Here are some tips to help you improve your front yard's appearance and use by adding pavement of concrete or asphalt.

New Commercial Property With A Bad Parking Lot And Strained Budget? Get Asphalt And Be Satisfied Fast

As a business owner who just spent a lot of money to purchase a commercial space to grow business, it can be difficult to justify where to spend the money on improvements when you have a budget. The parking lot is a place that has to be safe for all the staff and clients or potential consumers that will go to the business, and it is the first thing people will see when they arrive.

3 Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Look Great

Having a great looking parking lot can really make your business stand out. If you want your parking lot to stand out, make sure that your parking spaces are wide, that the line lines are easy to see, and that you have included interior and exterior landscaping. Wide Parking Spaces You know those parking lots that you dread pulling into and parking in—the ones where you can only open your door less than halfway and have to slide out of your seat in order to avoid hitting the car next to you.

Beyond Paint And Flowers -- Maximizing Your Home's Curb Appeal

If you're considering putting your home on the market, your thoughts may be already turning to strategies to optimize your home's curb appeal. You're probably already aware of tried-and-true methods such as planting flowers and decorating your entryway, but some homes require more serious attention as well. Following are three ways you can maximize the curb appeal of a property that needs a little extra help.  Put in a New Lawn 

Creating a Skate Park: How Commercial Asphalt Services Can Help

Paving contractors provide concrete, cement, and asphalt services. This is useful to know when your city has decided to create a skate park for skateboarders. As you begin the planning stages for the skate park, here is how a paving contractor can help. Starting with a Slab Foundation If you have ever looked at other skate parks, they are built on a slab foundation. The contractor you hire begins this project by excavating the surface areas of dirt from the designated skate park.