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3 Ways To Know You Need To Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot

Few people realize that a lot of challenges come with designing and managing an efficient commercial parking lot. A parking lot provides a safe and orderly way for customers and employees to park their vehicles. It also prevents them from hitting and creating dents on other people's vehicles. However, if you have noticed an increasing number of such cases in your parking lot, check if the parking lines or stripes need to be repainted. Even with the best maintenance, a time will come when the stripping paint will wear off, and you will have to re-stripe the parking lot. Here are three ways you can tell when your parking lot needs re-striping. 

The Wheel-Stops Are Wearing Down

The first way you can tell that a parking lot needs re-striping is when the wheel-stops start wearing down faster than they should. When the driver can see the paint, they should be able to stop the vehicle on time. If they cannot see the lines clearly, they may stop after the stopper has ducked under the car's bumper. If your employees are complaining about recent scuffs and other damage to their car tires, it is time to check the condition of the parking lot stripes and repaint them.

Constant Problems with Handicap Spots

Your parking lot needs re-stripping if people with disabilities have a hard time getting to their reserved spots. Unfortunately, some people will park in a handicapped spot even when they know they are not supposed to. As such, if it becomes a regular occurrence, then it may be that they don't know which spots are reserved for customers with disabilities, visitors, or employees. Once the symbol indicating the spot is for a person with disabilities wears out, people may mistakenly park there. But when you re-stripe the parking lot, you might be able to minimize such problems.

People Keep Hitting Each Other's Vehicles

The third indicator that your parking lot has striping issues you should address is if there is an increase in the number of fender-benders in the parking lot. One reason why people might hit other vehicles when driving is when they cannot see where to stop when parking and leaving the parking lot. If you get a competent contractor to re-stripe your parking lot, you will have fewer incidences.

You can also tell that you need to re-stripe the lot when a little snow obscures the lines, and when people keep parking against the fishbone. Call professional contractors to re-stripe your parking lot and avoid all these unnecessary complications. They can provide further information regarding parking lot striping.