There's More to Paving Than Sidewalks

Asphalt Pavement Recommendations For A Quality Surface That Looks Great For A Long Time

A new paved asphalt surface on your property is a great addition you can make to add utility and improve the overall appearance of your property. But it's important to select the right type of asphalt surface and keep up on its maintenance. Here are some recommendations to help you keep a strong and long-lasting asphalt paved surface.

Order the Right Type of Pavement Surface

When you install a new asphalt surface on your property, it is important that you apply a stable surface that is sufficient for the type of use it will receive. If you are installing a residential driveway, for example, you will only need an asphalt surface that is a couple inches thick. This type of residential-use surface does not need to support constant and heavy traffic loads, like a business parking lot or road would.

A heavier-use pavement surface will need a thicker layer of asphalt and should be made of a coarser aggregate to withstand the rough use and heavy traffic it will receive. Talk to your asphalt pavement professional about the types of vehicles and use your pavement will be subject to so you can install the proper surface for your needs.

For both types of asphalt use, you will need a good, solid, compacted, angular gravel to promote the surface durability and promote good drainage. The foundation of your asphalt makes up a big part of the entire pavement's durability.

Watch Out For Winter Damage

When winter arrives in your area, it will bring with it moisture and freezing temperatures that can cause severe and quick damage to a cracked asphalt surface. For this reason, it is essential that you check your asphalt surfaces regularly to look for any damage signs that can lead to excessive degradation of the surface. 

With winter on the horizon, it is a good time to arrange for professional crack filling on your asphalt surfaces to fill any small and minor damage. Make sure you clean out the cracks of any weed growth and dirt that can settle into them. Then, your asphalt professional can fill the cracks with some hot mix asphalt or liquid tar emulsion to level out the surface and prevent moisture intrusion from causing further damage when it freezes to ice.

It is also a good idea to apply a sealcoat over the surface of your pavement. This treatment seals over any filled cracks and potholes and protects the surface from moisture and ice intrusion and formation that can occur during the winter. 

Contact a company that offers asphalt services to learn more.