There's More to Paving Than Sidewalks

Tips To Add Pavement To Boost Your Front Yard Appearance And Landscaping

Your home's appearance has a big effect on your home's value, especially when your front yard is either well taken care of or severely neglected. Keeping up appearance of all areas of your yard can be done with regular maintenance to the vegetation and installing of and taking care of hardscaped areas. Here are some tips to help you improve your front yard's appearance and use by adding pavement of concrete or asphalt.

Pave Your Parking with Asphalt

The side yard is a place that many homeowners have within their property's yard, which may not always get the time it needs in landscaping to make it attractive, but it is also not paved to be a permanent parking spot even if it is used as such. This type of area on your lot will make your yard look overgrown and unkempt, as it sprouts weeds through the year.

To spruce up your yard to create sleek lines and to provide your yard with a paved area to use for parking or playing, you can pave it with asphalt pavement, which is less expensive than concrete but still gives you the durable surface. Asphalt paving provides a black surface that promotes snow and ice melt during winter when it absorbs the sun's radiation. And because asphalt is a flexible surface, it gives under the weight of your vehicles unlike concrete pavement does.

But be sure to install or hire installation of your pavement surface over a compacted base layer of aggregate or gravel. This ensure your asphalt remains stable and does not suffer sinking and collapsing damage, and has proper foundation drainage to prevent moisture damage to its base layers. Also be sure to maintain your asphalt by filling cracks that form and applying a sealcoating protection every few years as your pavement needs it.

Add Concrete Curbing

Adding concrete curbing to your yard's landscaping can give your yard the streamlined appearance of a well-maintained yard. You can add curbing to the boarders between your lawn and any landscaped bedding areas, which keeps the lawn from growing into your bedding areas, and ground covering mulch or landscaping rock from getting mixed into your lawn.

Hire a concrete or landscaping company, like Mariotti Site Development Co Inc, to install concrete curbing in these areas. And if your yard is framed with a chain link or other metal fence, adding concrete curbing to the fence's foundation can help keep its appearance up and weed growth down.