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3 Ways To Make Your Parking Lot Look Great

Having a great looking parking lot can really make your business stand out. If you want your parking lot to stand out, make sure that your parking spaces are wide, that the line lines are easy to see, and that you have included interior and exterior landscaping.

Wide Parking Spaces

You know those parking lots that you dread pulling into and parking in—the ones where you can only open your door less than halfway and have to slide out of your seat in order to avoid hitting the car next to you. The parking lots where you can only put things in your trunk without pulling your car out of the parking spot in order to open up your doors.

Small parking spaces may allow more people to park in your parking lot, but small parking spaces greatly decrease the ease of using a parking lot. Give your customers the room they need to get in and out of their vehicles with generous parking spaces. Your customer will enjoy parking in your parking lot more when the spaces are generous instead of tiny.

Clearly Defined Lines

Next, make sure that your parking lot has clearly defined lines. Although it takes parking lot lines a while to completely disappear, rolling into a parking lot with freshly painted lines always feels like a special experience. Parking lots with freshly painted and clearly defined lines feel newer and cleaner than a parking lot in the same condition with faded lines.

Keep your parking lot looking fresh and clean by repainting the lines at least once a year.

Visible Landscaping

Finally, be sure to add landscaping to your parking lot. Landscaping makes your parking lot feel less like a concrete jungle and more like a park space. Never underestimate the value of green space.

You can plant trees and bushes around the edge of your parking lot. If you have islands in your parking lot, make them feel more alive by filling them with trees, bushes or flowers. If you already have cement islands in place, fill them up with flower pots to add color and landscaping to the space. Visible landscaping can make your parking lot and store feel more inviting.

Wide parking space will allow your customers to feel like they have room to move without worrying about hitting the person next to them in your parking lot. Clearly defined lines that look freshly painted and bright will make it easier for customers to navigate your parking lot and will help make your parking lot look fresh, clean, and new. Finally, visible interior and exterior landscaping will help create a more appealing parking lot and storefront.

For more assistance with your parking lot, contact a local paving company