There's More to Paving Than Sidewalks

Creating a Skate Park: How Commercial Asphalt Services Can Help

Paving contractors provide concrete, cement, and asphalt services. This is useful to know when your city has decided to create a skate park for skateboarders. As you begin the planning stages for the skate park, here is how a paving contractor can help.

Starting with a Slab Foundation

If you have ever looked at other skate parks, they are built on a slab foundation. The contractor you hire begins this project by excavating the surface areas of dirt from the designated skate park. A frame to contain the poured cement or concrete is installed around the edges of the excavation. Then the slab is poured and the contractor waits for it to set.


Skate parks have several embankments of varying levels for skateboarders of differing skills. These embankments are often prefabricated, and then installed while the slab is still slightly wet. The embankments may also be installed over a series of steel rods and mesh to help stabilize the embankments. Any areas where the embankments do not continue to another embankment next to it are smoothed and rounded to prevent injuries by impalement.


There are two different kinds of railings in skate parks. The low ones are straight bars off of which skateboards can do rail tricks. The high railings are installed in embankments to prevent skateboarders from going too far over the edges of the tops of the embankments and falling head first onto the slab or ground below. The former you could skip, the latter you cannot. The railings at the top of the embankments are installed close to the end of the project.

Blacktop or No Blacktop

The concrete or cement used to create most of the skate park is solid and smooth. However, it can become cracked, chipped, or break from weather and skateboarder use. Adding asphalt reinforces the skate park, makes it stand out from the terrain, provides an even smoother surface on which to skate, and protects the concrete or cement from weather conditions. The vertical positions of the embankments does make this tricky, but it can be done upon request.

One Contractor for the Whole Project

The thing with a commercial asphalt service, like Riggi Paving Inc, is that you only need one contractor to do all of the above. You find that one perfect contractor that provides all of the above services, and you can get the skate park for your city quickly and easily. Just set out a message to accept bids, and then you can stay under budget for the project too.