There's More to Paving Than Sidewalks

A Guide To Getting The Most Of Your Parking Lot

In order to keep your business looking clean and in great shape, you need to take great care of the parking lot that leads to your building. By caring for the parking lot, you give your customers an excellent entry into your property and also make an outstanding first impression. To this end, make sure that you read below and use these three practical tips to make sure that you get asphalt paving work from contractors that are able to give you excellent help.

Know When To Get Your Lot Re-Paved Altogether

Maintenance is one thing, but sometimes it is time to repave your whole parking lot. You will typically have a lifespan on your current paving job, sometimes between 5 to 10 years or more. If your asphalt is becoming brittle, cracked, and susceptible to fading and sun damage, call up an asphalt paving professional to survey it and see if a complete repaving is in order. If so, you would need to put out bids to numerous companies in order to get a good price tag for the paving service. An asphalt repaving can cost approximately $4000 or so, so be sure to shop around for the best price.

Protect Your Pavement From Sun And Moisture

Sunlight and moisture can create serious problems for your asphalt if you're not careful. The sun has ultraviolet rays which will strip your pavement of its durability and color. Moisture can seep into the core of your asphalt and wear down its components from the inside out. Because of this, the first thing you can do is carefully direct traffic on your property and make sure that you are not allowing any vehicles to sit there and leak fluid for extended periods of time. You can also sealcoat your asphalt to block out moisture and sunlight. This seal coat costs between $.14 and $.25 for each square foot.

Keep Your Parking Lot Free Of Litter And Debris

Finally, be sure that you never allow litter and debris to damage your parking lot. One way to prevent this is by frequent asphalt sweeping. Call up different professionals in your area to see which can offer you the best service on a frequent basis. It will cost you approximately $83 to get a 500 space parking lot professionally swept and cleaned.

Keep these tips handy to make the most out of your parking lot maintenance.