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Revitalizing An Old Asphalt Walkway With Simple Maintenance

If you have an old asphalt walkway on your property, chances are you would like to improve its appearance and make it pleasurably smooth as you stroll along its surface. There are a few steps you can take on your own to improve your walkway if desired. Here are some simple maintenance tasks for your walkway in an attempt to revitalize it so it is safe for everyday use.

Clean Your Walkway To Remove Debris And Uncover Damaged Portions

It is a good idea to regularly clean off your asphalt walkway to help keep it free of accumulating moisture. When debris like branches or leaves rest on top of the surface, the area directly under them will become overly saturated after inclement weather. This can lead to cracking of the asphalt over time. Take the time to sweep your walkway to remove debris which could also cause discoloration from uneven fading of the asphalt. If you would rather, a leaf blower could be used to remove natural debris from the walkway.

Fill In Cracks To Add Stability And Improve The Appearance Of Your Walkway

When you notice a crack or hole within your walkway, it will need to be filled promptly to help reduce the risk of injury of those walking upon it. Smaller crevices can be tended to with the use of a rubberized asphalt filler. This can be purchased at a local hardware store. First, push some pieces of gravel into the crack to help give the walkway stability in this spot. Afterward, insert the nozzle of the asphalt filler into the gravel and squeeze the agent directly into the stones. Lift the nozzle out of the gravel and squeeze the filler on top of the gravel, covering it completely. Spread the filler over the edges of the crack with a putty knife to create a seal. The filler will harden, repairing the area so you can walk upon it without risk of tripping due to an uneven surface.

Improve The Way Your Walkway Looks With Some Enhancements

After repair work is made, it is a good idea to add a layer of seal coating over the asphalt. This will hide the flawed area that you had repaired with the crack filler in addition to giving your walkway a dark hue and a smooth surface. Seal coat can be brushed over the walkway with a special tool with a brush on one end and a squeegee on the other. Consider adding a coating of colored asphalt paint to instantly add vibrancy to your walkway. A drab walkway can also be revamped by adding flowers or solar-powered lights on each side.

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