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Eliminating Moss And Preventing New Growth On Your Asphalt Driveway

Your asphalt driveway can quickly grow moss if the conditions are right. A little bit of dirt, moisture and not enough sunlight will give the moss the conditions it needs to quickly take over your driveway. Here, you will learn how to remove the moss and prevent it from growing again anytime soon.

Supply List

  • Flat Blade Spade
  • Metal-Sulfate Based Herbicide

Moss Removal

Use the flat blade spade to scrape the moss off of your driveway. Use only enough pressure to remove the moss, but not so much pressure that you gouge the surface. Once the moss has been lifted, continue scraping the surface to loosen the dirt and debris that was giving the moss the ability to grow.

Use metal-sulfate based herbicide to treat the area. Make sure to read the product label to be sure that it is safe for use on the asphalt. Check the weather forecast for the next couple of days. You need two or three days of dry weather to allow the herbicide enough time to kill the moss roots that are left behind.

Only use enough herbicide to treat the area. Using too much of this product could damage surrounding vegetation and grass.

Prevent New Growth

Take a little time each week to inspect your driveway, especially following rainy weather. Look for water that is puddled on the surface. If you notice that areas around your downspouts are wet or that your sprinklers are reaching the driveway, you will need to correct the drainage issues and redirect the sprinklers to put a stop to it.

Areas that don't get enough sunlight also need your attention. Trim back bushes, shrubs and limbs that are preventing the sun from shining through. This will help your driveway to dry more quickly after the rain and stop the moss from having the damp, shady conditions it needs to thrive.

Keep your driveway clean. Go out with a broom every other week or so and sweep away dirt and debris that would give the moss a place to root. If there is an area of the driveway that always seems to have dirt built up on it, consider installing a driveway border that is raised to stop the dirt from running onto the driveway when it rains.

This process won't take very long after you have eliminated the moss. Just keep up with the cleaning process, dry up the driveway as quickly as possible and stay diligent. If you continue to have problems, talk with your local asphalt contractor to learn if anything else can be done.