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Four Reasons To Choose Hydroseeding For Your Lawn

If you've been looking for a way to create a lush, grass-covered lawn, hydroseeding may be just the solution that you need. Not only is hydroseed an effective method for covering your lawn, some people may prefer it over sod application. Here are a few of the many benefits of choosing hydroseed to create your home's lawn.

Fast Application

If you're looking for something that you can apply quickly, hydroseed is a great option. Since it's sprayed onto the lawn, you can cover the entire surface quickly. In addition, hydroseed germinates quickly, particularly because the fiber mulch keeps the seeds intact with water and fertilizer at all times. This reduces the chance of having seeds wash away or vanish due to bird harvesting, which can happen with traditionally scattered grass seed.

Versatile Use

Hydroseed is versatile enough that you can use it in most any environment. If your yard is sloped, on a hill or otherwise uneven, hydroseed is effective because it stays in place. In addition, you can use hydroseed for filling in bare patches or filling in somewhat thin lawns. Just cut your grass short and apply hydroseed over the top.

Even Coverage

Because the seed is mixed into a slurry with water and then sprayed over the surface of the yard, you get even, thorough coverage. This helps to ensure a more evenly sprouted lawn. In addition, most hydroseed mixtures are tinted with color to make it easier to see where the seed is when sprayed. That way, you can more easily identify any spots that may have been missed. When you opt for sod, you may have some seams that don't fill in, so you can avoid this type of patchy growth by choosing hydroseed.

Easy Care

When it comes to getting that new lawn to root and flourish, the care required varies based on what type of application you choose. For example, sod requires a precise routine of watering and monitoring for quite a few weeks after application. When you have hydroseed applied to your lawn, you'll just have to water it daily for a couple of weeks and then mow and maintain it as usual.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider hydroseed for your new lawn. If you want to create a lawn that will flourish in most any environment, talk with your local lawn care professional about hydroseed application today.