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Repairing An Older Asphalt Walkway

If you own property with asphalt walkways on the land, you most likely enjoy having these surfaces available to navigate through the area easily. Older asphalt surfaces will need to be revamped periodically so they continue to offer you a safe area to walk. Here are some steps you can take to improve the stability and aesthetics of your asphalt walkways on your own.

Take A Stroll To Find Areas Needing Help

Make sure you walk up and down your walkways periodically to look for areas in need of fixing. When you notice a spot where the asphalt has cracked or crumbled, make a notation to head to a hardware store to pick up supplies needed to make the repair. Doing this walk-through will get you accustomed to the way the walkways normally look, making any problems easy to notice when they arise.

Keep Your Walkways Clean To Avoid Further Damage

It is important to remove any debris from asphalt surfaces rather quickly. This way the items will not retain moisture underneath them, leading to discoloration and possible deterioration of the asphalt over time. Use a pressure washer to whisk away all branches, leaves, and dirt from the walkways. A push broom can be used to remove surface dirt when you are strapped on time.

Fill In Holes And Cracks To Keep The Surface Intact

If you notice an area where the asphalt is cracking or crumbling, you will need to fill in this spot so the walkway stays safe. Push pieces of crushed gravel into any crevices you discover. Use rubberized cement made for asphalt services to contain the gravel underneath. This comes in a tube form and is pushed into the void using a caulk gun. After you fill in the crack or hole, use a plastic putty knife to smooth the cement over the edges of the crevice so it is completely contained underneath. This will harden in place, allowing you to walk over the area, as it will once again be smooth.

Protect The Area With A Sealcoat Layer

It is a good idea to add sealcoating to an asphalt surface every year or two. This will give the asphalt a protective layer, helping to minimize the amount of damage it will sustain from the elements or normal wear. This will also improve its appearance with a dark coloring. To apply, you need a special tool with a brush on one end and a squeegee on the other. The sealcoating is brushed over the surface of the walkway and then the squeegee is used to smooth it into place. When this hardens, the end result will be a smooth surface with a pleasing appearance. You can also leave this work to the professionals by calling a company like Sealcoating America